Russia’s first drone testing ground will start operating in 2022

Drone. Archive photo

The first Russian ground for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), where developers will be able to perform all types of flight testing, including the demonstration of technologies and certification flight, successfully passed the acceptance tests, will be fully operational in 2022, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the National technology initiative (NTI).”Acceptance, the final test was held from 11 to 31 July. During testing it was proven software and hardware and to develop a common approach to further exploitation of the landfill. We were invited to the landfill developers BASS for testing and certification as well as startups that are developing solutions in the field of unmanned aircraft systems. In the near future will be the acceptance Commission of control points,” – said the acting head of the project “Ground BASS” Elena Chernyavskaya.

“In addition, we introduce the operation of software and hardware and decide the issues related to the methodology of its application. Fully operational landfill will start later this year,” she said.

The project “Ground BASS”, said the press service consists of the digital platform and flight testing ground for drones. At the experimental site developers will be able to perform all types of flight tests from technology demonstration to the certification flights. Platform, as well as flight test center located in the terminal area Orlovka, 160 kilometers from Moscow.

The digital platform will enable the accelerated mode to evaluate compliance with drones airworthiness, and also experience more developed machines, control systems and equipment. For this we have the means of trajectory measurements, complex planning and management of the flight experiment, surveillance and control, and meteorological equipment.

For the convenience of developers at the site will operate a “flying laboratory”. She will be accompanied by the test apparatus during the flight, capture the visual condition, and current weather conditions at the point of its location. The developers will be able to work in special areas, workstations equipped rooms for meetings and analysis of the results. For groups and manual flight testing and is designed room, equipped with workstations and equipment for monitoring and control.