The United States is worried about the fate of nuclear waste in Ukraine

The CEO of American energy company Holtec International Chris Singh said that the company is deeply involved in the nuclear program of Ukraine and continues to provide critical support of Ukraine Energoatom for the storage of nuclear waste.

Ukrainian state enterprise Energoatom is the operator of four operating nuclear power plants. The structure consists of Zaporizhzhya, Rivne, South Ukraine and Khmelnitsky NPP. Based in United States Holtec International specializiruetsya equipment for the energy industry, including manufactures equipment for spent nuclear fuel.

“Our company is deeply involved in the nuclear program in Ukraine… Now we continue to support “Energoatom” that the country could ensure the continued operation of their nuclear power plants and the storage of spent fuel for its nuclear power plants, as the Central repository for spent nuclear fuel “Energoatom” built with our help, is close to the border with Belarus”, – quotes the words of Singh edition “UKRINFORM”.

According to him, now in Rovno, South Ukraine and Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant is required to have an alternative to store spent fuel until the cessation of hostilities.

Singh noted that in Ukraine the company Holtec since 2003, a major customer which was and remains NNEGC “Energoatom”. Starting on 24 February, he noted, Holtec continues to provide critical support to the Ukrainian company.

Energoatom delivered the equipment to a million dollars on the Black sea, and through Turkey and the “long journey” by Poland, while Holtec provided transportation and insurance,” he added, without specifying the details of such delivery.