The authorities of Berislav accused the APU of deliberate shelling of the city

Ukrainian soldiers firing a howitzer. Archive photo

The Ukrainian military hit residential areas and social facilities of the city of Beryslav, Kherson region, the day of the damaged several schools and kindergarten, one of the missiles fell in the Central square of the city, said to RIA Novosti, first Deputy Berislav district Ekaterina Babich.

“Tonight was the shelling of the city, suffered a residential area, affected the employment center, very much was broken school… there was an attack civilians in the city centre to the square fell a rocket. Were also broken a few schools in the district,” said Babich.

“Such attacks of the last few days happen all the time, for the last three days there is a constant firing of rockets – day, night, morning and evening, the fire is not terminated,” she added.

Chapter Berislav district Andriy Kostyuk told RIA Novosti that as a result of shelling from the Ukrainian side, starting from Sunday evening, completely destroyed one of the schools and a kindergarten, as well as the employment center of the city. It was also damaged five-storey building.

“This morning it was getting into the Union, there is generally no war… just Shoot at buildings, destroying the infrastructure of the city,” said Kostiuk.