Russian language will be returned to Kharkiv schools and Ukrainian will be preserved

A lesson in school. Archive photo

Educational institutions in the liberated territories of the Kharkiv oblast on 1 September will begin teaching in the Russian language, told RIA Novosti head of the Department of education of administration of the Volchansk district of Kharkiv region Vera Forties.

The study of the Ukrainian language will remain at 2 hours per week (compared to 5 hours in Russian), one hour will be spent on the study of Ukrainian literature (Russian classics will spend 3 hours).

According to the Forties, despite the fact that the Eastern regions of Ukraine were Russian-speaking historically, in recent years, Russian language and literature was eradicated from the system of education in Ukraine.

“The right to learn Russian language had to knock scandals in regional centers and complex bureaucratic obstacles,” said she.

Fortieth noted that, for example, in the study of foreign literature, there are only a few Russian poems that were allowed to study at the discretion of the teacher.

“There were difficulties with recruitment for teaching positions for the posts of principals, because June was a difficult time, stress, were arriving from the Ukrainian side cassette shells. After that I left more than half of the city in fear for their children, for their lives. Therefore, the population of the city declined by almost half because of the children was before 670, now more than 300, the first graders also decreased,” she said.

Fortieth noted that now “peaceful life is getting better, it’ll soon become quiet, calm and people begin to come back, because the kids have to go to school with the teaching problems, we also slowly on it.”

The region’s doors to 16 thousand students will open the 68 schools.

Some of the schools that are close to the line of contact, due to shelling by the APU temporarily closed. Training will begin only after stabilization of the situation.

During the RAID on Ukraine, Russia’s Armed forces and the LC took control of the Kharkiv region where he organized the new administration. She created four district administration with the administrative centers in the cities of Sochi, Izyum, Kupyansk, and the village Kazachya Lopan.

In the region, whose population, according to tentative estimates of the new administration, is 230 million people using the currency system in the course of the Ukrainian hryvnia and the Russian ruble. Residents of these areas are paid one-time benefits, pensions, and employees of the public sector began to receive a salary. August 2022 the interior Ministry announced the results of the registration car number 188 region code, also has mobile communications under the brand name of “Mir-Telecom” with the phone code – +7(990).