The Vostok-2022 exercises will be held at nine training grounds

The Russian armed forces soldiers on maneuvers. Archive photo

Strategic exercises “Vostok-2022” will be held on nine grounds, said Deputy defense Minister Alexander Fomin during a briefing for foreign military attaches.

“For the pranks and practical actions of the troops will be involved nine major ranges in the Eastern military district six military sites (“the Prince Volkonsky”, “Sergiy”, “Uspenovskiy”, “Hot Keys”, “the Lagoon”, “Burdun”), three – aviation polygon (“novoselskiy”, “Telemba”, “Anna Bay”),” said Fomin.

Will be improved field, sea, air training with the practical development of management as a defensive, in certain areas, and offensive actions.

Exercise “East” will be held from 1 to 7 September, under the leadership of chief of the General staff of the armed forces on the territory of the Eastern military district will be the final stage of preparation of the armed forces this year.

The exercise will involve more than 50 thousand troops, more than 5,000 units of weapons and military equipment, including 140 aircraft, and 60 combat ships, boats and support vessels.