Volunteers from Bashkiria moved to a special operation in Donbass

A soldier armed forces. Archive photo

The soldiers of the two volunteer units of Bashkortostan after the task of combat coordination moved to the location of a special military operation, said the head of the region Radiy Khabirov.

Earlier in Bashkiria formed two volunteer battalion on the initiative of public organizations Bashkir battalion named after hero of Russia, major-General Minigali Shaymuratova volunteer battalion named after Alexander Dostavalova – the Hero of Russia, participant of various combat and peacekeeping operations. Both battalions to be sent to the Donbas were trained in the field of combat coordination.

“Two of our in full battalion had moved to the side of special military operations,” said Khabirov on Monday at a meeting of the government of Bashkiria.

He instructed the heads of municipalities in the region to give special attention to their children September 1 go to school.

“At one of the meetings we got together to think about what these guys will eventually begin to return. There are a lot of smart people, and the human resource Department and the government to connect, to be seen. Someone is completing a service, they need to employ. But, of course, on the social side we should assess and psychological trauma, and physical. We need to take those guys and think,” said Khabirov.