Alexander Maksichev: Brahmos is ready to supply missiles to the Russian army

Co-Director of the Russian-Indian venture BrahMos from the Russian side, Alexander Maksichev on the stand radio Sputnik international military-technical forum “Army-2022”

– Do the contract was signed in January 2022 in the amount of 375 million dollars, and he is already being implemented. The obligation between the Russian and Indian sides separated. Signed a contract of “BrahMos” NGOs “Engineering”, as well as with subcontractors. Schedule of supply of components and documentation.

According to the contract, the first part is the training of 45 officers of the army of the Philippines in India – has been successfully completed. Now the list of documents for transmission, the Philippine side. The contract includes an option, that is the possible increase in the number of delivered products (missiles – ed.) We are open to this.

The contract must be implemented within four years plus one year for warranty service. Then you will be contracted for after sales service. The first delivery of the missiles will start in 2023. It will be missiles for coastal defense, that is, a coastal missile system.

– Do you negotiate with other countries to conclude such contracts?

– BrahMos continues negotiations on the conclusion of contracts for the supply of the same name supersonic cruise missiles with potential foreign customers from Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. I hope that in the next two to three years we’ll get a few more contracts.

– Have you received any orders from the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation for the purchase of missiles “BrahMos”?

– Has not yet been reported. But if you do that, we are ready to carry out such an order. In today’s environment of BrahMos would be very useful to the Russian army.

– What is a portfolio?

– The portfolio of the company BrahMos is currently more than six billion US dollars, close to 6.5 billion. The increase was in particular due to the signing of the contract with the Philippines. In addition, we hope to increase internal orders for the armed forces of India.

Company BrahMos has been repeatedly upgraded, improved rocket. Were you able to increase its range?

In order for anti-ship missile was Nespelem, she needs to “dive” under the radio horizon to be invisible. That is, it must fly at a lower altitude. And the resistance of the air at the bottom is stronger than the top six times. Therefore, due to the strong resistance, the range decreases. Physics will not disappoint. Therefore, despite the work on the improvement of engine specific surplus will not succeed.

But if we are talking about the universal rocket that can attack ground targets, it will be a trajectory with vertical dive, there is considerable potential to increase the range. Now, the stated range of 290 kilometers, we confirmed. Not just confirmed, we have increased considerably. How much? This is still classified information.

Rocket turned out to be not only versatile, but also unified. With any media, she now can start?

– Indeed, we did not only versatile but also a unified missile, meaning it can affect both naval and ground targets. And can shoot with both land based facilities, and naval, including submarine. The rocket launched from the transport-launch of glass, which allows you to shoot from a surface position and underwater. Underwater missile “BrahMos” we experienced with printablepage stand: confirmed that it goes, flies to the desired range. Today we are waiting for a potential platform, or a submarine, which you can install our vertical complex.

Let me remind you what we experienced an underwater version of a rocket in 2012. Today, we do not need to verify its capabilities. But if you want, we are ready to produce additional test launches.

Once again, the rocket turned out to universal, it was originally anti-ship based on ships then made the shore, then the version for the army, then aircraft. Now we have made a math that allows the same rocket used as a universal and unified. This is very beneficial from the point of view of the user, no need specially trained to serve.

– How are the works on creation of new aircraft missiles BrahMos-NG (new generation)?

– Work going. The su-30MKI is one of the BrahMos can be placed just five. But today the customer is considering the Indian Tejas aircraft as the carrier of our new missile.

We have greatly succeeded, smarter, determined look, we agreed with our Indian partners, we’ll share work. What are they going to do what we do. If we sign this year the contract, then four years later serial the missile will be ready: first production samples, then the stand-alone tests and eventually the series. On paper we have a certain part fulfilled.

We already know that this will be the rocket to defeat not only the sea but also land targets. Make a rocket from universal. The product is designed with built-in modernization capabilities.

– Under the new missile in India the plant is built. When he is commissioned?

After three or four years, in 2025, we expect that the plant will be built. It will produce a new missile BrahMos-NG. A designated area for construction of the plant. Now for this rocket are only Okra. When will it end, will be ready to plant.

– What is the level of localization of production in India?

– Localization of production… for more than half is made in India. Today it suits everyone: the Indian side and ours. The task of localization is performed. The main thing that makes Russian, is the engine. Many new units and components was also developed in India, but they have not yet entered the stage of mass production.

– How are you working on hypersonic?

– Work going. There are still five or six years, changing priorities, and customer requirements.

– To date, all ships of the Indian Navy ship armed with missiles “BrahMos”?

– Of course, not all. Why all? The ships first and second line Yes, armed. The challenge was to arm most of the ships of the first line, this task is performed successfully. For example, all the frigates of project 11356, purchased from Russia, armed with our missiles. All the ships of this project and will continue to arm our missiles.

– Recently purchased four new ship, too?

– Sure, we’ve already done it. We supply complex, the ship impossible to pass without having all the equipment. Acceptance tests must pass with a confirmation of the efficiency of the complex. BrahMos set to Kaliningrad launchers and ship equipment fire control.

Company BrahMos for product improvement without spending a lot of tests. How successful are they?

– This year we carried a record number of tests, for six months we made 10 starts. Generally for the entire year seven or eight starts, and then for six months 10. And from all of the carriers: the ship, the shore of the aircraft. Worked out different tasks in the process of checking the combat readiness of the forces.

As a result of triggers confirmed the higher accuracy, the deviation from the target – no more than five meters. Confirmed the reliability, accuracy, training of the crew.