“These will ruin us.” What Berlin hinted to Kiev

Assistance from the EU countries and Ukraine seem to have stalled. Germany, despite promises, is in no hurry to put new samples, and the Chancellor Olaf Scholz and even stated on the need for de-escalation. This change of rhetoric caused including problems in the Bundeswehr.

The deficit in the warehouses

It seems that the main economic engine of Europe, gives back. German Chancellor refused to transfer to Kiev long-range strike systems, allowing you to beat on the territory of Russia. Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Annalena Berbak complained of the scarcity of military equipment in the Bundeswehr. On some types of weapons sent to Ukraine, there is a shortage.

Finally, many European media note: Berlin recently rarely announces new packages of military aid to Kiev. Newspaper Die Welt, citing sources in the Ukrainian government circles wrote that Kiev since June, has repeatedly asked the Federal government to add arms, but to no avail. However, Germany and had not expressed enthusiasm for this reason, unlike, for example, from Poland or the Baltic States.

“In Berlin know how to count money and realize that this whole situation is extremely disadvantageous for them, says military expert Alexei Leonov. — The fact that they could pass without damage to itself, is already in Ukraine. And defense orders, which promised to generously Finance Scholz, is needed primarily by. A new technique, descended from the conveyor, one of Kiev will not. And Eastern European countries in exchange for Soviet weapons sent to the combat zone. His shirt closer to the body.”

German Bundeswehr soldiers

In addition, said Leonov, the political wind is a very fickle. After the murder of Darya Gugino and some other actions of the Ukrainian security services in Russia are actively discussing the possibility of recognition of the current Kiev authorities as a terrorist organization. If such a solution would take further support Zelensky could cost the Berlin severing all economic ties with Moscow.

In the first place finally bury the “Nord stream — 2” to which the Germans spent a lot of money. It is possible and the renegotiation of existing gas contracts.

To fire from the ground

Of course, from the agreements on the supply of arms of Berlin refuses. Berbak confirmed that in the coming weeks Kiev will receive anti-missile IRIS-T SL. This weapon is a missile “air — air”, a modified starting from the ground installation guidance and targeting of the radar. According to the leadership of the Bundeswehr, IRIS-T will help to neutralize the APU air superiority of Russian aviation.

Launcher IRIS-T

SAM released in two versions: SLS and SLM — small (up to ten kilometers) and Central (up to 40) range, respectively. The system is installed on the car MAN 8×8. To deploy the system quite ten minutes, and only two operators. Each SAM is able to run up to eight missiles simultaneously. The standard equipment included radar and control.

The rocket uses a satellite navigation radio command and inertial system, and an infrared homing head. After firing anti-aircraft calculation to adjust the course is not necessary. Radar TRML-4D detect aerial targets at a distance of up to 250 kilometers.

IRIS-T is quite modern and accurate weapon. But what kind of option will get to Kiev, not misleading. And unlikely to give enough to turn the tide in the sky — from the German army is not so much the SAM systems in service.

The tank is not

German military equipment with a hastily painted crosses on the sides for several months fighting in the Donbass. The positions of the allied armies, including shelling self-propelled howitzer PzH 2000, is able to beat the rocket-assisted high-explosive shells at targets at a distance of 56 kilometers with a rate of ten rounds per minute. Many Western experts believe this vehicle is the best in its class.

German self-propelled howitzer PzH 2000

But in the Donbass in her problems. The German newspaper Der Spiegel reported that some ACS after volley refused to shoot the fire control system gave an error message. Journalists quoting military APU complaining of excessive “moodiness” PzH 2000. Howitzers quickly wear out and are not intended for intensive use — no more than 100 rounds per day per gun.

Not much influenced the course of the fighting and cannon anti-aircraft self-propelled Gepard. Their main weapons — twin 35-mm rapid-fire guns — striking aerial and ground targets at a distance up to four and a height of up to three kilometers. In fact, this age and the analogue of the Soviet ZSU “Shilka”, which in Ukraine are almost there.

“Cheetah” is quite mediocre weapon with limited combat capabilities — indicates a military analyst Konstantin Sivkov. Is the old system, powerless against modern aircraft, so they were quickly destroyed. Real modern armored vehicles, tanks such as the Leopard in the sixth and seventh modification, Berlin never Kiev does not trust. These machines have Bundeswehr little, not put even in Poland. With the production of new equipment are all easy, as the industry is directly dependent on Russian gas. Everything in the complex”.

Perhaps, from the fact that Berlin gave Kyiv, it is best proved the Panzerfaust 3 rocket-propelled grenades. In the Donbass note: from Western anti-tank weapons, which had to face, this weapon is one of the most dangerous. In the first stage of the military RAID Ukrainian grenade with Panzerfaust 3 was trouble tankers armies of Russia, the DPR and LPR.

But today, fighting in the main position. The main role at the front firmly entrenched with artillery. Brief advantage of the APU in anti-armor weapons no longer relevant.