Media: Ankara will appeal to NATO because of the persecution of Turkish planes by Greece

F-16 fighter jets of the Turkish air force. Archive photo

Ankara intends to apply to NATO due to the fact that Greece had allegedly used the s-300 against the Turkish F-16 fighters, told the newspaper Yeni Şafak, citing a senior source in the security service.

CNN Türk reported on Sunday, citing sources in the defense Ministry of Turkey, the Greek side has activated the system s-300 air defense for acquisition and tracking of the Turkish F-16. As reported, this episode occurred on 23 August, Turkish aircraft were to the West of Rhodes town at an altitude of about three kilometers. Turkish media reported that “despite these hostile actions, the aircraft completed the planned tasks and returned safely to their base.”

Sources in the Ministry of national defense of Greece has categorically denied claims by Turkey that Athens has deployed its s-300 in Crete against the Turkish F-16, said the news portal

“It (the incident) will be discussed at the meetings of both the United States and NATO. The aircraft has a recording function, and there is record evidence will be submitted to the relevant authorities… while we are told that you can’t use weapons produced in Russia, Greece haunts the planes of a member country of NATO… View that NATO has to say in this situation”, – leads edition of the words of the source.