The British complained that Johnson sent them to “hell”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Archive photo

Readers of the tabloid The Daily Mail, expressed outrage over the policy of the British government, due to which the inhabitants of the country face declining living standards and a record of the energy crisis.

As the newspaper notes, the millions of British households have been warned that they should prepare for the double-digit inflation, which will lead to the biggest fall in living standards in the country with the 1950s years. “This comes amid warnings that savings of about six million British households can be destroyed after energy regulator Ofgem raised the threshold price is 80%”, – emphasizes The Daily Mail.

The publication caused an active response of the readers in the comments.

“The UK is now a failed state. (Boris. – approx. ed.), Johnson sent the country on the trolley to hell” – said the user eisner.

“While millions are spent on criminals who are illegal immigrants and thrown to the Ukraine are suffering citizens of the UK. The British should be in the first place, but instead, we are last in line, the tories (conservatives. – approx. ed.) to go down in history as the anti-British party from existing,” said HecateEris.

“What the… is actually happening in this country? Where is our government, what are they doing?” asked Silent but deadly.

“Wow! Suddenly, heating and electricity have become a luxury in the next few months, a hot meal and watching TV should no longer be taken for granted!” – irony Gecko 1971.

“In fact, the worst is yet to come, as people really have to pay for it,” added Spaniel33.

With the beginning of the Russian RAID on demilitarization and de-Nazification of Ukraine the West intensified sanctions pressure on Moscow. These efforts have resulted in challenges for Europe and the United States, triggering a rise in prices for food and energy.

In the UK, the rising cost of living has hit millions of households. According to the forecasts of the Bank of England, the Kingdom’s economy will enter a recession in the fourth quarter of this year. According to the Office for national statistics in the UK, the annual inflation rate in April was a record since March 1982 — nine percent to seven percent a month earlier. In August it became known that inflation in the country reached a record high of 10.1 percent.

On Friday, British energy regulator Ofgem has announced raising from October 1, maximum size, electricity bills by 80 percent due to the growth in global energy prices. Thus, the maximum account size may increase in 1578 lbs (112 thousand) to the level 3549 pounds (about 250 thousand rubles). The previous threshold energy prices amounted to 1971, the pound sterling. The head of energy regulator Jonathan Brierley warned that prices will likely continue to grow.