The Ministry of Economy of Latvia has abandoned the Russian language

The Central part of Riga, Latvia . Archive photo

The Ministry of economy of Latvia and its subordinate institutions from September 1 will use when communicating with clients and the press only the Latvian language, reported the news portal Delfi, citing the Ministry.

“September 1 of the current year, the Ministry of economy and the agencies under the Ministry are to disseminate information and communicate with clients only in the state language,” – said in the message.

The publication notes that the earlier information in the Russian language stopped providing the website of the President of Latvia Egils Growth, leaving only messages in Latvian and English.

“As in other European countries, the Latvian state institutions and their representatives should only use the official language in communicating with the locals and local media. Otherwise, the state is not only recognizes more special status of the Russian language compared to the languages of other minorities, but also promotes bilingualism. It’s time to change it”, – quotes the words of Delfi economy Minister Ilze Indrikson.

In Latvia there are about 1.8 million people. Of these, about 40% – Russian. In Latvia one state language – Latvian. Russian language has the status of a foreign language.

Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia adopted amendments to the laws on education for the transition of education in the country is the only state language – Latvian – within three years. Embassy of Russia in Latvia, later called the transfer of all education in the country in the Latvian language, discriminatory, and the behavior of the authorities of the Republic of hypocritical, since the study of Latvian children abroad, the native language of their welcome.