Media: Greece has rejected accusations of using S-300 against the Turkish Air Force

Anti-aircraft missile system (AAMS) s-300. Archive photo

Sources in the Ministry of national defense of Greece has categorically denied claims by Turkey that Athens had allegedly used their anti-aircraft missile system s-300 in Crete against the Turkish F-16, said the news portal”Sources in the defence of Greece described the leak from the Ministry of defense of Turkey as “myths” and said they are part of a failed attempt by Ankara to create an atmosphere hostile to our country,” writes the website.

The channel is OPEN, citing sources in the defense Ministry reports that the Turks thus showing his irritation with the statements of the Chairman of the Committee on foreign relations of the U.S. Senate, Robert Menendez during his stay in Greece, which block Turkey any upgrade or buy F-16s from the United States.

CNN Türk, citing sources in the defense Ministry of Turkey announced Sunday that the Greek side has activated the system s-300 air defense for acquisition and tracking of the Turkish F-16 fighters. As reported, this episode occurred on 23 August, Turkish aircraft were to the West of Rhodes town at an altitude of 10 thousand feet.

Turkish media reported that “despite these hostile actions, the aircraft completed the planned tasks and returned safely to their base.”

Greek portal believes that the aircraft Turkey committed a provocation, to find out the location of anti-aircraft missile system s-300 in Crete. The portal notes that on 23 August, two pair of Turkish F-16 entered the Athens flight information, allowing the flight plan violated the national airspace, and then flew over the Greek Islands.

Anti-aircraft missile complexes of the family of s-300 is considered one of the most powerful air defense systems in the world. Cyprus in the mid-1990s, acquired the s-300 in Russia, however, due to the harsh reaction from Turkey in agreement with the Athens complexes were located on the Greek island of Crete, and then transferred to the possession of Greece. In 2006-2007, the right to the s-300 PMU-1 moved from Cyprus to Greece.

In December 2013, Greece had successfully conducted the first firing of this system of hitting a target is a small unmanned aircraft. The goal was struck at a distance of 30 kilometers and a height of less than 2000 meters, and when performing evasive maneuvers. The media noted the high reliability of the missiles, which were adopted in service 15 years ago. For the rocket launch was watched by all the military attaches of the allied countries.