The Gagauz Autonomy of Moldova expressed alarm over the lack of firewood

Firewood. Archive photo

In Gagauzia, Moldova may not be enough in the full amount of firewood for the winter, said the head of one of the districts of the region Ivan Topal.

Moldova is experiencing an energy crisis due to the rise in energy prices. The Central government of the Republic of attempts to provide the country with wood, coal and fuel oil. In Moldova 660 thousand families live in houses with stove heating. In General, the population of the country during the cold period of the year consumes more than one million cubic meters of firewood. Forestry Agency Moldsilva predicts that you will be able to provide about 800 thousand cubic meters of the volume.

The administration of the authority noted that only in Gagauzia in need of firewood 19 thousand 986 families in the amount of 93 thousand 882 schlagmetal. Most applications received from residents Friday.

“In Comrat district in need of firewood 12 thousand 134 families. They asked 47 thousand 777 schlagmetal, however, the representatives of the local “Forestry” to winter can be of only 3 thousand 165 schlagmetal, it’s only 6.6% of the total requested firewood,” said Topal, quoted in the Sunday edition GagauzINFO.

Gagauzia – Autonomous territorial entity in the South of Moldova. In February 2014, autonomy, a referendum was held on the definition of the vector of foreign policy of the country. More than 98% of its members voted for the integration of Moldova in the Customs Union economic and trade Association, which at that time was part of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

In mid-July in the autonomy protests began, hundreds of motorists have expressed outrage over the rising fuel prices. The protesters appealed to the authorities with the requirements to waive the rate of excise duty on petrol, to annul the amendments to the law on petroleum products, which is the national regulator of the market must daily increase gasoline prices. They noted that if not heeded, it will hold protests in Chisinau.