Ukrainian troops shelled the territory of the DPR five times

Employees of fire protection near the building of Donetsk national technical University, damaged in the shelling of the APU. Archive photo

Ukrainian troops for almost an hour and a half to five times fired at the territory of the DNI, firing 16 rounds with a caliber of 152 mm and 19 rounds caliber 155 mm, said the mission of the Republic in the Joint center for control and coordination of issues related to war crimes in Ukraine.

“Recorded attacks by the armed forces of Ukraine in the following areas: 07.40 (same as GMT) – town Krasnogorovka – the city of Donetsk (Petrovsky district): released six shells with a caliber of 152 mm; 08.00 (coincides with Moscow time) – the village of Orlovka – city Makiivka (chervonohvardiis’ke district): fired five shells in caliber of 155 mm; 08.20 (same as GMT) – city of Novgorod – the settlement Panteleymonovka: released five shells of 152 mm caliber; 08.30 (same as GMT) – town novomykhailivka – settlement Dokuchaevsk: fired five shells in caliber of 155 mm”, – reads the statement in the Telegram-channel.

Later, the mission reported that Ukrainian troops at 08.45 08.50 am and fired at the city of Donetsk and Yasinovataya, firing five shells of 152 mm caliber and nine rounds with a caliber of 155 mm.

Petrovsky district of Donetsk is located on the Western edge of the DPR’s capital, is the most remote from the centre of the city. Since 2014, when the DNR declared independence from Kiev, the area from the line of contact with the city of Marinka regularly shelled by the Ukrainian security forces.

Chervonogvardeysky district of Makeyevka located in the Western part of the satellite town of the capital of the DNI. Through the Eastern edge of the district runs the Donetsk ring road, on the West by the line from Shcheglovsky cemetery to the stadium “Donbass arena” – he is in touch with the Kiev district of Donetsk, which since 2014 has regularly come under fire from the Ukrainian side.

Yasynuvata is located approximately 25 kilometers North of Donetsk, it is the largest in the former Soviet Union train station. To the West of the city, which since 2014 is controlled by the DPR, in the direction of Avdeevka almost eight years is the line of contact with the combat positions of Ukrainian troops.