Pushkov offered to respond harshly to the Moldovan politician who asked for gas

Alexei Pushkov. Archive photo

Senator Aleksey Pushkov commented on the statement of the leader of the Moldovan opposition party “shore” Ilan Shor on the supply of Russian gas.

Previously shore in his address on the eve of the 31st anniversary of independence of the Republic has asked Russia to “warm our house”. “I am ready to go to Moscow for talks on gas supplies to Moldova on terms that will not destroy our independence, to humiliate the citizens of our country and cripple our economy,” — said the politician.

As noted the gun in his Telegram-channel, a similar request in the conditions when the country is not able to pay on time supply of gas and to pay the accumulated debt, means that Russia “needs to subsidize” the presidency of Maia Sandu.

“It is strange, because she makes no secret of his orientation and his bad attitude towards Russia. What is the meaning of us to maintain the supply of gas Pro-Western course of the current of Moldova?” – he wondered.

According to him, in response, Moscow will not receive anything except strengthen the Pro-Western course. “No thanks, no policy change from Sandu should not wait. So do we need to Fund such a course?” – concluded the Senator.

The government of Moldova on 24 February, the country has introduced a state of emergency because of the situation in Ukraine and the energy crisis. At this time, the Commission for emergency situations may have special powers depending on the situation.

The authorities of the country in October 2021 agreed with Gazprom to extend the contract for the supply of gas to the Republic, subject to the audit of the company’s debt Moldovagaz in 2022. Gazprom said that given the situation in Moldova, it was decided to sign a contract almost to the conditions of the Moldovan side, but for prompt 100% payment of current payments.