Media: Qatar Air Force received Eurofighter Typhoon fighters from Britain

A pair of Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets. Archive photo

First batch of 24 Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets for the air force of Qatar arrived on Saturday from the UK to the base of the tavern, where she met the Emir of the country Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, told Qatar news Agency QNA.

The aircraft will be part of the squadron aircraft F15-QA and Rafale and will be used to provide security during the world Cup in Qatar at the end of the year.

According to the Agency, the Emir of Qatar “took the first batch of 24 Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets at an air base in the Tavern in the North of the country, and also inspected the building control fighters, control tower and control of air operations.”

The Emir also informed about the advanced systems and technology for the missions and air operations aimed at the development opportunities amurskij air force Qatar.

According to BAE Systems, between the governments of Qatar and the UK was previously signed a Memorandum of understanding to support, including the creation of a joint British-Qatari Typhoon and Hawk squadrons for training pilots and technicians.