Media: in Britain, they are preparing for riots due to rising electricity prices

The Police, Britain. Archive photo

Authorities in the UK are developing measures against possible riots amid rising electricity prices, according to British tabloid the Sun.”As the crisis grows, the Sun on Sunday to report that the Ministers are preparing for a wave of crime in connection with the rising cost of living and possible unrest. Government officials have developed plans to deal with the riots in the background, as energy bills are rising,” the article says.

According to the Office for national statistics, Britain, the country in June due to the imposition of sanctions for the first time since 1997, he left without Russian energy. Russia was one of the largest suppliers of oil products in the UK in 2021, its share was more than 24 percent, and oil and gas was at around six and five percent, respectively.

Earlier, the British energy regulator Ofgem has announced an increase in maximum size of energy bills for consumers by 80% since October 1, because of the growth in global energy prices. Thus, the maximum invoice amount for the British can be increase by 80% or 1578 pounds (111 800 rubles). The previous threshold energy prices amounted to 1971 the pound (139 600 rubles). The head of energy regulator Jonathan Brierley warned that energy prices will likely continue to grow, and encouraged future Prime Minister of the country to take new steps to combat rising prices.