The Defense Ministries of the Czech Republic and Slovakia have agreed on a joint purchase of infantry fighting vehicles in Sweden

Bratislava, Slovakia. Archive photo

Ministry of defence of the Czech Republic and Slovakia agreed on joint procurement of Swedish tracked combat vehicles of the CV90 infantry, was announced on Saturday of the Czech TV.”The Czech Republic and Slovakia agreed on joint actions in the procurement of the Swedish CV90 IFV tracked, the agreement was signed during the Airshow SIAF 2022 Slovak air force base Kuhinja (in the West) of the Ministry of defense of both countries Cernochova Jan and Jaroslav Nagy”, – stated in the message.

“This is the best for both countries the way, not only from the point of view of a bonus in the form of better prices, but also based on the fact that within the region of this technique will focus more. We can combine our efforts, our defense companies can work together to produce spare parts and to repair,” he said at the signing Cernochova.

In turn, the Minister of defence of Slovakia noted the uniqueness of this project.

“This is unique from the point of view of the magnitude of the project, both for us and for the Czech Republic. Military personnel will get the same techniques. In addition, this project will strengthen our defense industry. Joint purchase, we will naturally and reduce the total cost of the equipment,” said Nagy.

The Czech Republic and Slovakia had previously pledged to create by 2026, according to one team of heavy mechanized equipment with modern tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. As previously noted, the Ministry of defense of the Czech Republic, the purchase of the BMP in Sweden will be an important step in this direction.