The Prime Minister of Albania commented on the detention of Russians at the arms factory

Prime Minister of Albania EDI Rama. Archive photo

Prime Minister of Albania EDI Rama for the first time spoke about the incident with the arrest of two Russians and one Ukrainian have arms factory in the Albanian city of Gramsci, calling ridiculous statements about spying on the object, according to the publication Albanian Daily news.

“The mist that rose above the so-called critical sites, was the reason for tears and laughter. It’s not even the factories that produce weapons. They declassification as objects of special importance. They turned off the light they came to that because I can’t afford to pay for electricity bills. They have a few guards to protect against attacks. To say that he had been spying through the fabrication of the remnants of communism, is very funny. What should we worry is, what were the real intentions of these people in our country. Spy mission with a sports car that looks like he’s yelling, saying, catch me – this is ridiculous”, – leads edition of the words of the Prime Minister.

As reported by the newspaper Albanian Daily news, the citizens of the Russian Federation 33-year-old Svetlana Timofeeva and 23-year-old Mikhail Zorin, and also a citizen of Ukraine Fedir Alpatov was arrested on 20 August, while attempting at the Armory in the Albanian city of Gramsci. He is charged with the collection of sensitive information that undermines the sovereignty and national security of Albania, committed by group of persons, all three of them arrested, transferred to the local TV channel Top Channel. Embassy of Russia in Albania reported that they have not received information from the authorities about the detention of Russian citizens.