Seven people were killed in clashes in the Libyan capital, media reported

View of the city of Tripoli, Libya. Archive photo

Seven people were killed and over 30 were injured in clashes in the Libyan capital Tripoli between the forces of politicians vying for power in the country, reports TV channel “al Arabiya”.

According to the channel, fighting between troops loyal to the head of a government of national unity (GNU) Libya Abdelhamid Babe on the one hand and the Parliament elected the Prime Minister of Libya Fathi Balage, broke out on Friday in Tripoli, intense shooting in the city centre started in the morning.

According to media reports, the formation commanders close to Balage, now coming to Tripoli from three sides. TV reports that they occupied the territory of Tripoli international airport.

This week elected by the Parliament, the Prime Minister of Libya Fathi Bashagha sent a letter to the head of a government of national unity (GNU) Libya Abdelhamid Dbabe, which once again demanded that the head of the STUMP to resign to avoid bloodshed in the country. In turn Dbaba advised Balage, claiming the authorities in Tripoli, focus on participation in the elections.

In February, sitting in the East of Libya, the Parliament voted for the candidacy of former interior Minister Fathi Bahagi as Prime Minister. In March, the Ministers of the government formed Baragoi, was sworn in before the Parliament in the city of Tobruk. Acting head of the government of national unity Abdelhamid Dbaba previously said he would not hand over power until the presidential election that threatens the country’s next dual power. In may, Parliament appointed at the head of the Libyan government of Basaga after a failed attempt to place the Cabinet in Tripoli said that the government will start to work in the city of Sirte.