In Gorlovka, the Kalininskaya factory caught fire during the shelling by the AFU

The Ukrainian military firing from a mortar. Archive photo

The fire in the Central concentrator Kalininskaya recorded in Gorlovka in the shelling from the Ukrainian army, said the mayor Ivan Prikhodko.

“As a result of shelling by the Ukrainian armed gangs of fixed fire between COF Kalininskaya near the railway tracks. The shelling continues. To the inhabitants of nearby settlements please leave the streets and move into a shelter,” wrote Prikhodko in his Telegram-channel.

Horlivka is located 40 kilometers North of Donetsk, the city has chemical concern Stirol and coal mines. Gorlovka is one of the largest settlements of the DPR, under the control of the Republic is from 2014. Before the start of the conflict in the Donbass population of Gorlovka has more than 250 thousand people. The most common attacks are exposed situated on the outskirts of the village of zaytsevo and towns mines Gagarin and “6/7”.