The final race of the “Tank Biathlon” started in Alabino

Tank T-72B3 command troops of Kyrgyzstan at a distance of individual race competition among tank crews in the framework of the competition “Tank biathlon-2022” at a military site “Alabino” in Moscow region. Archive photo

The final race of the competition “Tank biathlon” international Army games kicked off in Alabino near Moscow, said the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

In the final race participate tank crews teams from Russia, Belarus, China and Uzbekistan.

Russian and Uzbek tankers are Russian tanks T-72B3, the crews of Chinese tanks of its own production Type 96, and the Belarusian tanks – the T-72, upgraded Belarusian specialists.

The results of the draw, the Russian tanks are colored green, the Belarusian red tanks team of China painted in blue color, a team of Uzbekistan in yellow.”Within two days the eight best teams included in the semi-final of the relay, outlined the four best teams of the competition in today’s final race. In each race unfolded uncompromising struggle between the carriages between Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, China, Azerbaijan and Vietnam,” said the defense Ministry.

Completed VIII international Army games on Saturday evening in Congress and exhibition center “Patriot”. At the closing ceremony, games involving team officials and the leadership of the military departments of the countries participating in the Games the winning team will be awarded the Cup of the international Army games.