Four people were wounded during the shelling of Makeyevka by the AFU

View of the neighboring house through the broken window of a house in Makeyevka. Archive photo

Four Makeyevka injured in the shelling of the city by the Ukrainian troops, reported at the headquarters of the DPR defense.

“Armed forces of Ukraine attacked Chervonogvardeysky district of Makeyevka, on the street Cherepanov wounded four people”, – stated in the message in the Telegram-channel of the staff.

Previously, the mission of the Republic in STSKK reported attacks Chervonogvardeysky and Kirov district of Makeyevka with the use of artillery “NATO” caliber 155 mm, in which the city has released nine shells in 20 minutes.

Makiyivka – satellite city of Donetsk, from the North-East, adjacent to the capital of the DNI.

Artillery caliber 155 mm used by NATO countries. Ukraine under this caliber was designed and made in a single copy wheeled self-propelled artillery installation “Bogdan”. Previously, the U.S. has put Kiev long-range howitzers M777 155 mm caliber, Ukrainian troops have used them to bombard cities, including Donetsk, with the result that civilians were killed.