The West at the NPT conference did not condemn the shelling of the NPP by Ukraine

The US, the EU and the countries supporting them at the Review conference of the Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons (NPT) has condemned the strikes of Kiev at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, however, called on Russia to leave the station.

Earlier, the Conference failed to adopt a final document due to differences of the parties. Western States blamed Russia. Moscow, in turn, accuses the West of the politicization of the position and false statements on Ukraine.

The permanent representative of France to the conference on disarmament Yann Hwang read out a statement on behalf of the United States, EU, Japan, UK, Turkey, Latvia, Ukraine, Georgia, France and other countries. Signers of the Declaration condemned the Russian special operation in Ukraine, although this issue is not related to the problem of the NPT.”We regret threat of nuclear rhetoric, actions, and provocative statement of the Russian Federation on increased levels of nuclear readiness, which is incompatible with the recent Joint statement of the leaders of the “five” on the prevention of nuclear war and the arms race,” read the diplomat.

Earlier, the Deputy head of the Russian delegation at the NPT Review conference, Andrei Belousov has said that allegations that Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert, not true. He recalled that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to temporarily take the deterrent on a special regime shifts, which means the transition shifts points of strategic forces to combat duty reinforced structure

The authors of the statement also accused of violating the Budapest Memorandum. They also demanded that Russia “to immediately withdraw its armed forces from the Ukraine and handed over full control of ZNPP and above all the nuclear facilities… the relevant Ukrainian authorities.” While these countries are not a word is said about the attacks ZNPP from Kiev.