The Russian diplomat appreciated the discussion of the final document of the NPT conference

American Intercontinental ballistic missile Minuteman-3. Archive photo

The consensus on the draft outcome document of the conference of the Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons (NPT) no, the calls of the Russian Federation to modify the number of points of the document was not heard, said the Deputy Director of the Department for nonproliferation and arms control of the MFA of the Russian Federation Igor Vishnevetsky.”It is important to ensure the balance in the account of the positions of the States. This, unfortunately, as we have seen, does not work. In this room there are many delegations that have objections to the text. If they took the word, these objections would be heard. My delegation has only the key objections to some of the points that are openly political in nature,” said Vishnevetsky, speaking at the NPT Review conference.

According to him, Russia made a last attempt and offered to modify these paragraphs to bring them in line with the urgent agenda related to the review process of the NPT, to clear them from the political perspective.

“There are only five points. And we are talking not about to remove them, and how to modify. Unfortunately, the desire of our delegation to work not found response,” said he.

“Therefore, we absolutely do not agree with the fact that only one had objections to the text. They have other delegations. My delegation stands ready to work constructively. If there is such a desire, we are willing to sit still and try to come to a common denominator,” he said.

“But if no such desire, then you just have to say that there was no consensus and that delegations could not accept the project that was presented. That is the consensus on this document, unfortunately, no,” concluded Vishnevetsky.