The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that 39 vessels used the Black Sea corridor

Razoni freighter with a cargo of grain in the port of Odessa, Ukraine. Archive photo

Almost 40 ships were used by the black sea corridor for the evacuation of more than 800 thousand tons of food, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.”To date, according to the UN, the black sea corridor is already used by 39 vessels (including 19 previously blocked in the Ukrainian ports), which took a total of 845496 of thousands of tons of food. It is mainly about corn (70%) and seeds, and sunflower oil (6%), rape (4%), sunflower meal (3%), beet pulp (2%), soy (1,5%)”, – stated in the message.

The Russian Ministry stressed that, despite the claims of the representatives of the United Nations before launching “black sea initiative” in Ukrainian ports is over 5 million tons of wheat, its share is less than 15% of the total volume.

The Russian foreign Ministry drew attention to the geography, traffic, stressing that they went not always in the direction of the neediest countries. So, 16 ships headed to Turkey. The Ministry suggested that part of coming to Turkey grain is refined into a flour and sent to countries in need. Four ships went to Italy, three in South Korea, two in Romania, China, Egypt, Israel, the Netherlands. One ship was sent to Ireland, Iran, Greece, Libya, Germany.

“This is only one ship chartered by the WFP, with 23 thousand tons of wheat on Board goes to Djibouti (with further transportation of the cargo to Ethiopia). It correlates poorly with the stated UN goals and objectives “of the black sea initiative” – to feed the needy in poor and developing countries of Africa and Asia” – said the Russian foreign Ministry.

In Istanbul on 22 July, the signing of multilateral agreements on the withdrawal of restrictions on the supply of oil products for export and the promotion of Russian export of Ukrainian grain. The deal, which was signed by representatives of Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the UN, involves the export of Ukrainian grain, food and fertilizer across the Black sea from three ports, including Odessa.