A gas pipeline exploded in Mexico

The explosion at the Pemex gas pipeline in Mexico. Archive photo

Rescuers of the state of Puebla reported an explosion at the Pemex gas pipeline – the scene cordoned off within 500 metres and to assist the people involved temporary shelter.”In the framework of the coordinated work we are doing in the area of the explosion in Amasake, together with municipal authorities open a temporary shelter to provide support and care to the population. We urge you to stay away from the scene,” reads the blog of the rescue on Twitter.

In the liquidation of the accident attended by the police, fire, national guard and defense, as well as specialists Pemex. The location of the leak is surrounded in a radius of 500 meters, on the dead or wounded was not reported.

According to local media, members of the oil and gas Pemex was at the scene of an illegal tie-in and was engaged in the sealing of the pipe. The pipeline was damaged by a failed manipulation of the excavator, but the staff was able to escape before the explosion and screaming to warn the inhabitants of the surrounding houses. One of the three damaged buildings burned down completely.