Stoltenberg called the North Pole an important region for security

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg . Archive photo

NATO considers the far North is extremely important for upholding collective security, because the North pole could be “the shortest way” for the Russian missiles in the United States, said Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg, who arrived on an air force base Canada in the canadian province of Alberta.

“North pole may be the shortest way for the Russian missiles and bombers in North America,” said the Secretary General. According to him, such a threat does North the critical region, providing protection for not only North America, but of the whole of NATO.

At the end of last year, Russia, stating that he could no longer believe the promises of NATO demanded legally binding security assurances. In particular, Moscow has suggested NATO not to see each other as opponents, not to conduct large-scale military exercises in the border zone, the Alliance to abandon any military activity in the Ukraine, Transcaucasia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe and the countries that were NATO in 1997, not to place in other States, additional forces and weapons. NATO, however, the main proposals of Moscow refused.