Zakharova commented on the Pentagon’s plan to check the supply of weapons to Kiev

The C-17 aircraft, loaded with ammunition to Ukraine, a U.S. air force base in Dover. Archive photo

The supply of American weapons to the Kiev regime finally interested in the fiscal authorities in the US, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

The acting the Pentagon’s inspector General Sean O’donnell on Thursday reported that Ukrainian officials don’t know exactly where you’ll be transferred to the United States equipment, they are his records on paper. According to officials, a system of tracking the weapons should be checked during the audit.

“Billions of dollars in expenses, which resulted in the supply of American weapons to the Kiev regime was finally interested in the fiscal authorities in the United States. By the way, here exactly is “Russian trace” – we have this topic briefings regularly covered,” wrote Zakharova in his Telegram-channel.

But, according to her, Sean O’donnell understands that the weapon is “sell, kidnap, and the documents will be written off as lost forever, so carefully expressed, but clearly voiced that today in the US silenced.”

Zakharova noted that Washington has already made the same mistake in Afghanistan, and suggested that the same could happen in the case of Ukraine.After the Euromaidan began a serial transformation of Ukraine into a base for confrontation with Russia. NATO was actively pumped Square arms, trained the Ukrainian military under the pretext of cooperation in the defense sector, Kiev was preparing for a big war. Funds were allocated budgets, not sparing money. The amount grew from year to year.