Britons will have to choose between warmth and food at Christmas

Christmas tree in Trafalgar square in London. Archive photo

Many people in the UK this year for Christmas, which is celebrated in late December, will have to choose between heating and food due to the increase in energy prices, the newspaper Financial Times.

Earlier, the British energy regulator Ofgem has announced an increase in the maximum allowable amount of energy bills by 80% to 3549 pounds a year from October 1, 2022.

Companies who are also faced with higher bills, you will need to choose between a reduction of staff or the closure of departments or stores, according to the publication. It is also expected that against this background, the growth of unemployment in the country will aggravate the situation of many families.

“It’s a sad confirmation of the 80% increase in the maximum energy bills since October, will cause many to choose between heating and food for Christmas. For businesses, many of whom may be faced with a fourfold increase of accounts, the solution may lie between jobs or close”, – stated in the material.

The newspaper also suggests that the British government is required to consider alternatives to fossil fuels, particularly adapted to the use of solar, wind and nuclear energy, as well as billions of pounds in state support, in particular for the most vulnerable households and companies.