Ukrainian troops shelled Gorlovka and Alexandrovka

Truck emergency rescue DNI near the house where the fire started as a result of shelling by the APU Donetsk. Archive photo

Ukrainian troops shelled Gorlovka Oleksandrivka, releasing 10 minutes six shells and six minutes caliber 152 and 120 millimeters, according to the representation of the Donetsk people’s Republic in the Joint center for control and coordination of ceasefire.

“Recorded attacks by the armed forces of Ukraine in the following areas: 11:40 (same as GMT) – town Dyliivka – town Gorlovka: released 6 shells of 152 mm caliber; 11:30 – Marinka village – the village of Aleksandrovka: released 6 min caliber of 120 mm”, – stated in the Telegram channel of the Ministry.

The village of Aleksandrovka refers to the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, and is one kilometer from the village of Marinka, where the position of the Ukrainian forces and where is the shelling of Donetsk. In the village there is no water supply, and electricity due to the constant attacks is rare.

Horlivka is located 50 kilometers North of Donetsk, the city has chemical concern Stirol and coal mines. Gorlovka is one of the largest settlements of the DPR, under the control of the Republic is from 2014. Before the start of the conflict in the Donbass population of Gorlovka has more than 250 thousand people. The most common attacks are exposed situated on the outskirts of the village of zaytsevo and towns mines Gagarin and “6/7”.