Russian special forces showed the work of Izhevsk-made drones

Drone. Archive photo

The Union forces began to more actively apply reconnaissance drones for the adjustment of artillery during the RAID in Ukraine, one of the sites the direction of Kharkov fighters of the Russian special forces showed the correspondent of RIA Novosti, how is working with unmanned systems.

As an example, were shown one of the modifications of Russian UAV ZALA, which is produced in Izhevsk in the company, which is part of the concern “Kalashnikov”.

This unit has a weight of about 10 kilograms and carries a high-resolution camera. On the manufacturer’s website says that the drone can reach speeds range from 40 to 120 kilometers per hour, to carry 3 pounds of payload in a controlled manner to fly to a distance of 45 kilometers, and elektromotoren lasts for 3 hours.

Deployment time of just a few minutes, five more minutes spent on pumping air into the system pneumatic catapult launcher.

Part characteristics are classified, as it is impossible to show the interface of the screen, but the display is all the flight parameters.

Fighters praise the duplication of control channels, which makes it possible to work even in the area of radio-electronic suppression of the enemy. It gives vitality to the apparatus and its a guaranteed return, even under irradiation.

According to the operators of the UAV, the enemy is actively using Western EW system, but even in such difficult conditions, the special forces thanks to the technique can work on identifying goals, flying around problem areas.

The drone is working in collaboration with the Russian counter-battery fire “Zoo”, which reveals the artillery positions. Upon receipt of the signal in the area of the proposed activity off “the bird”, which can of air to detect disguised weapon by characteristic features, for example, traces the rolling out of the barrel into position, lying boxes of ammunition under can also tell the operator what in the neighboring green planting can hide the enemy, which can be traced back sooner or later bring him ammunition or water, and thus, the enemy will reveal their presence.

Fire adjustment allows a point and confident to strike at the enemy, while not touching the civilian infrastructure.