The first unmanned helicopter has been certified in Russia

Russia has certified the first drone helicopter type, they became BVS W 440 the development of Scientific and production enterprise “Radar MMS”, told RIA Novosti at a recent forum “Army-2022” the company’s managing Director Ivan Antsev.

“BVS W 440 is Russia’s first unmanned helicopter, which is certified under experimentally legal regime according to the requirements of the Federal air transport Agency. He received the tail number and performs the tasks in the interests of the Russian Federation. Certification was passed in may of this year. Russia still has not yet been certified, we have become the first,” Antsev said.

The payload of the drone is 100 pounds, while the full takeoff weight of 440 pounds (hence its name), a cruising speed of 150 kilometers per hour, and stay in the air can he up to four hours. In addition to delivering cargo helicopter can perform monitoring tasks or conduct exploration.

Now the company is focused on the transition to serial production of these machines, all the features it has, Antsev said.

“We have all the stands — physical, mobile, climatic, anechoic chamber, where everything is being tested. Moreover, we have our own flight-testing facility that enables us in an experimental plan to work on these machines, and, of course, to certify them in the legal field, which today is created under drones,” he concluded.

RIA Novosti, the official news Agency of the forum “Army-2022”.