The Ministry of Defense showed the work of “Grads” during a special operation

Reactive system of volley fire “Grad”. Archive photo

The Russian defense Ministry has published a video about the combat calculations of jet systems of volley fire (MLRS) “Grad” of the Western military district in the execution of fire missions to destroy the positions of Ukrainian military in the area of operation in day and night.

The footage shows the process of loading military vehicles, drive into the firing position and shooting both by day and night. Data rocketeers get from artillery reconnaissance means and calculations of unmanned aerial vehicles.

“From a distance of about 20 kilometers calculations Grads hit the fortified positions of the Ukrainian militants. Take cover from fire of a whole battery of jet no chance. Camera objective control, mounted on the drones recorded that during the night battle, the Russian artillery destroyed an ammunition depot, and two armed vehicles,” – said in the defense Ministry.

It is specified that in the dark the calculations necessary to comply with blackout and quickly change the firing position. After the task of the machine is sent to disguised loading ammunition. The next order calculations have been waiting with full ammunition.

As told by the chief gunner of the calculation of a fighting machine Basil, “City” carry out the guise of columns. Now, according to him, is easier to use, as the rocket men “accustomed to a situation in unfamiliar terrain.”

“First, fully-charged pack all calculations, we leave some kind of fire and fire back. We’ll tell you how much shells to send, sent, quickly fold and return to the point of dislocation, doseages driven equipment in order. Waiting for your future goals,” said Basil.