Russia and China have launched a project to exchange video products between the media

State flags of Russia and China. Archive photo

Celebrate the official start of the Russian-Chinese project for sharing video between the leading media of the two countries was held in the Russian Embassy in Beijing, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

“Today we have launched a unique project, which is the result of close and fruitful cooperation between the Russian and Chinese media. In this information age it is essential to maintain such a high level of cooperation, constantly to look for new content and technology, the methods of delivering content to the audience, to increase innovation and creativity of the work to look for innovative solutions, changing and learning,” said at the ceremony, Russian Ambassador to China Andrei Denisov.

The diplomat stressed that “perfectly aware of its huge role in the development of bilateral relations, the media in Russia and China continuously strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation, promote the comprehensive and diverse exchanges, complement each other and to fully realize their competitive advantage in the international arena.”

CEO-part of the Corporation China TV channel CGTN Fang Yun, in turn, noted that “video – live media, with which you can capture the changes of time, to witness the development of the countries and to facilitate the exchange of experience among civilizations”.

“In the current project CGTN, working closely with RTR, MIA “Russia today”, “the Russian newspaper”, the TV channel “Red line” channel “Big Asia” and many other leading media, seeks to fully show the Russian-speaking audience the real China… Television and multimedia platforms CGTN in different languages are also ready to help Russian colleagues in disseminating high-quality video, dedicated to Russian history and culture,” said Fang Yun.

He added that “against the background of major changes in the international arena, practical cooperation between Russia and China is developing steadily, maintained a good momentum of development of bilateral relations.”

“Using the launch of the Russian-Chinese project for the exchange of video, channel CGTN intends to continuously deepen communication and coordination with the Russian media. I am deeply convinced that these videos will play the role of “Windows” and “bridges” between cultures will contribute to the deepening of mutual understanding between our peoples and to strengthen the traditional friendship between Russia and China,” he concluded.