Radar mms: electric helicopters of the enterprise are several times more autonomous than quadrocopters

Executive Director, research and production enterprise “Radar MMS” Ivan Antsev . Archive photo

Electric drones Scientific-production enterprise “Radar MMS” is able to stay in the air for 3-4 times longer than the devices with the same battery and load capacity, due to the fact that you are a helicopter, not a quadcopters, told RIA Novosti during the last week of the forum “Army-2022″ the company’s managing Director Ivan Antsev.”The biggest advantage is that the drone can stay in the air for no more than 30-40 minutes, and the electric unmanned helicopter up to two hours at full load depending on weather conditions. Cruising speed is about 70-75 miles per hour, respectively, we can calculate the radius, and the maximum range at which he with such speed will fly,” said Antsev.

He said that a compact UAV drone W 30TH simple to use and does not require long training. Its takeoff weight of just less than 30 pounds, that is, under existing legislation it doesn’t require certification, it is enough to register the device. Maximum payload of the drone is up to 7 kilograms.

The drone can be equipped with optical-electronic station or radar for monitoring of transmission lines or pipelines, as well as for opening the ground situation. In addition, with its help you can simply deliver small loads. Size UAV allow to transport it to the mobile container is a special case.

The drone is controlled with an industrial tablet with software development “Radar MMS”. He has as a fully Autonomous mode, when the drone is running on a specific flight mission, and combined, when the operator can intervene in this task, if necessary.

Antsev said that potential customers who are already engaged with these drones, we need hundreds of drones, and the market with the prospect of five years it is estimated to be thousands of such machines.

RIA Novosti, the official news Agency of the forum “Army-2022”.