The number of the Russian Armed Forces will grow at the expense of contractors, the expert suggested

The chevrons of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Archive photo

The increase in the number of members of the Armed forces of Russia in 137 thousand people will be implemented through a greater range of contractors and will not lead to an increase of the appeal, says well-known military expert Alexei Leonov.

Earlier Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree to increase the staffing of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation on 137 thousand troops, to 1 150 628 people.

“New military equipment coming into service with the Russian army, it became more difficult. People who need to use it, you need to prepare at least three years. It is clear that there is no emergency service is not a cover, because of the increase in recruitment to military service will not be”, – such opinion Leonov expressed in an interview with RIA Novosti.

He recalled that since the beginning of military operations has increased the number of people willing to sign a contract with the Russian defense Ministry, however, according to the legislation of the number of contract soldiers in the Russian Armed forces staff are limited to 600 thousand people.

“When I started a special military operation, I was told that the number of contractors in connection with the increasing exponentially threats on the perimeter of Russia should be increased. When the information appeared on the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO by the Minister of defence announced the formation in response to 12 new military units and subdivisions. It can be assumed that a part of these 137 thousand new soldiers will go to serve in these new pieces,” said Lenkov.

According to him, the current increase in the number of troops – not the last in the coming years.

“Soon we’ll need a lot of specialists for new systems aerospace defense s-500 and A-235 “Nudol”. The Navy is also modified, built new ships ocean zone, it is clear that the need for professional crews will also rise. In those circumstances, which are now formed, the proportion of contract must be brought at least up to 1.2 million people”, – the expert added.