The expert commented on the allocation of a new aid package to Ukraine by the United States

Ukrainian soldiers . Archive photo

Weapons and equipment included in a massive new package of US military assistance to Ukraine, said the desire of Washington to prolong the conflict, but not to provide military success of Kiev at the front, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti known military expert Alexei Leonov.

On Wednesday, the President of the USA Joe Biden has pledged the largest military aid package to Ukraine almost 3 billion dollars. The new package will allow Kiev to buy air defence systems, artillery systems and ammunition, protection systems UAV and radar for the defense in the “long term.”

Later, the Agency Bloomberg with reference to a source published the contents of this package. According to media material, it consists of six anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) NASAMS, which will be given in addition to the two-Ukraine also will receive a 245 thousand 155 mm artillery shells, 65 thousand 120-mm mortar ammunition protivoallergicheskoe radar U24, suppression system of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS), support equipment, means of fight against Vampire UAV, missile and laser guidance system, as well as funds for military training.

“The range of weapons in the new aid package the US aims primarily to conduct defensive fighting Ukrainian troops in the city, turning every settlement of fortified walls in which the houses. If you recall the statements of the Ukrainian military command, under which they spent the day 5-6 thousand artillery ammunition, we can roughly estimate that this will be enough to Kiev for several months. Hence we conclude that Washington wants to continue the conflict, but does not deliver anything for the “turning point” in favor of Kiev”, – said Lenkov.

The expert noted that change in the situation in at least one direction fighting Ukrainian troops would have required large supplies of armored vehicles and artillery, a lack of which for the counter-offensive stated including the defense Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov.

According to Leonkova, the West wants to SVO took the form of “unresolved conflict” that would lie primarily a heavy burden on the civilians of Donbass and Ukraine.

“NATO believes that in this way they can Deplete our energy, publish periodic reports that we’re not getting anywhere, while forgetting to write what the price for Ukraine there is “nothing”. Yes, we turned off in ITS timing, but the emphasis is on quality release of settlements with a minimum of civilian casualties. I would not call it, as they say, “trench warfare” because of our position is still moving,” – said the Agency interlocutor.