Lugansk scouts destroyed a Ukrainian pillbox near Soledar

Gunners firing on positions of the APU. Archive photo

The correspondent of RIA Novosti was witnessed, as the Luhansk scouts to adjust artillery fire and beat anti-tank guided missiles at the positions of Ukrainian military in Soledar.

“Seeing the enemy in the amount of 10 people. We will work with artillery. Used UAVs “Maliki” (civil drones quadrocopter – ed.). At the moment induced” – said the scout before the adjustment of artillery fire in a durable fire in the Ukrainian military.

After Lugansk fighters successfully hit the target, the Ukrainian military began to return fire, trying to calculate the location of reconnaissance.

“They feel skyscrapers, where you can fire, to observe Carefully, was a highlight in green… Someone’s watching us,” commented scout the situation after a break of several Ukrainian shells.

After performing the task of adjusting the band changed position and released at the bunker a few missiles of anti-tank guided missiles.

“With anti-tank produced a maximum of two-three shots from one position, then change positions, so how can you cover with mortar, artillery, “Grad”, can work a sniper. Smitten legkoperevarimye, armored vehicles, jeeps, tanks, pillboxes,” – said one of the scouts.