Rostec spoke about the effectiveness of the helmet of the Russian “Warrior”

Exhibit “future Soldier” of Russian military equipment “Ratnik” in the Museum of military uniform in Moscow. Archive photo

MOSCOW, 24 Jul — RIA Novosti. Experience of combat use showed that the helmet of Russian military equipment “Ratnik” protects up to 40 percent more efficient than counterparts from NATO countries, reported RIA Novosti in the cluster of arms of the state Corporation “rostec”.

“The experience of use of equipment “Ratnik” combat conditions shows that it actually saves lives. In particular, 6B47 helmet protects the head of a soldier by 30-40 percent more efficient than the military equivalent of the NATO,” — said in “Rostec”, responding to a question.

The Corporation said that the main challenge faced by researchers of “Warrior”, is to protect the fighter from small damaging objects, since, in practice, about 75 percent of cases of wounded soldiers in the head comes from fragments weighing 1-1. 5 grams.

According to Rostec, the helmet Ratnik “captures not only small objects, but can save from a large shell fragments with a diameter of 25-30 mm and even bullet hits”.

“There are cases when a helmet has saved a soldier, even from an unplanned influences. For example, from a direct hit by machine-gun bullets,” said the Corporation.

In addition, it effectively protects against shock and injury. Helmet has three layers, which ensures a high shock-absorbing qualities, it absorbs the bumps on the helmet can cause dents, it may be deformed, but the warrior’s health will not suffer.

The lead developer of the equipment “Ratnik” is TSNIITOCHMASH of the concern “Kalashnikov”, included in “rostec”).