Rostov resident launched a round-the-clock broadcast with a working gas stove

Burner gas stove. Archive photo

The resident of Rostov-na-Donu launched on Twitch broadcast around the clock from working a gas stove to the music of “the Gaza strip”, “Katyusha” and other compositions, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Stream the resident of Rostov-on-don and nick russiangas1 signed From Russia With Love “From Russia with love”.

The channel says that “Russian guy spends the gas as he wants just 1.44 euros a month.”

During the stream I play the song “the Gaza strip”, “international”, “Katyusha” by Alexander Marshal, “get Up, Donbass!” Soviet March is from the computer game Red Alert and others.

Judging by the recordings, a man does not turn off the burners, even when leaving for work. Then he leaves one working burner when he’s home – all four.

By 11 a.m. Tuesday russiangas1 Donati earned more than 3.5 thousand rubles, stream monitors more than 1.6 thousand people from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Canada, Netherlands, Latvia, Israel, France, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, and Georgia.

Stream men noticed even users on Reddit – there’s a lively discussion caused a monthly price for gas in Russia.