“They’re not ready for this.” What Washington threatened Beijing with

Washington announced another package of military aid to Taiwan for $ 1.1 billion. The White house sure the next delivery of weapons will force Beijing to back off from the island. However, the authorities of China are not going to change their plans. About what is happening in the region — in the material RIA Novosti.

Diplomatic confrontation

Americans consistently raise rates. In early August, Taiwan visited the speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi, then — a delegation of lawmakers. Beijing responded demonstrative military exercises near the island. The position of the PRC same: no one has the right to judge the status of Taiwan, except the Chinese.

And now the White house announced a new package of military aid to Taipei. According to the Pentagon, about 60 anti-ship missiles AGM-84K Harpoon Block II, around 100 missiles of class “air — air” AIM-9X Block II Sidewinder and radar stations of air defense systems. Earlier media reported about the transfer to Taiwan several hundred American instructors.

“Weapons will strengthen the security of Taiwan and contribute to maintaining political stability, military balance, and economic progress in the region”, — said in Washington.

The annual military exercises Han Kuang, Taiwan

Beijing responded immediately. Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning stated gross violation of the principle of “one China” policy and the three joint Chinese-American communiqué. China will take “decisive and tangible steps for reliable protection of its sovereignty and interests.”

Responsible for increasing tensions in the Taiwan Strait Mao Ning laid on the White house. No force can prevent the full reunification of the country, she added.

Impact on logistics

In Washington have once again reaffirmed their readiness to protect the Pacific ally, and the Deputy chief of staff of the U.S. air force Clinton Hainaut even threatened Beijing blow to logistic centers and channels in the case of aggression against the island. In General, the importance of logistics showed military action in Ukraine. In the U.S., he said, has everything to strike.

Earlier, another senior military official, Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff U.S. army General mark Millie invited Taipei carefully examine the actions of Ukraine and learn the tactics used against the Russian army. According to Millie, you need to be ready to put under the gun all the island’s population.

“I think China has a strategy in response to these actions, — the political scientist and orientalist Dmitry Mosyakov. — They have their own approach, the US — your. What a correct and successful, very difficult to say. The Americans are trying to influence the internal situation in China, to demonstrate Southeast Asia that they dictate the agenda in the region. In the current global crisis the Washington cannot allow Beijing to stay away. The basis of the strategy to involve the Chinese in the conflict, while they’re not quite ready.”

“A serious loss”

It is doubtful that Washington wants to open conflict. Last spring, the command of the US air force has unveiled the results of the war games, in which the us air force was resisted by the Chinese in the hypothetical invasion of Taiwan. The simulation clearly showed hurriedly PLA can not win. And although in the end, the States won, the losses were catastrophic.

Missile frigate Huangshan naval forces of China in the South China sea

According to legend games, 2030 m, Beijing has embarked on a military solution to the Taiwan question, utilizing air force and Navy in a large-scale amphibious operations. Taipei to ask for help. The Pentagon, in the South China sea, an impressive force, reacted immediately. In the simulation practiced exclusively of the action from the air with the support of the Navy and land forces.

In previous years the Americans repeatedly failed. In 2018 and 2019 Washington has committed all available forces and means. However, aircraft and drones and failed to hack into the “forbidden zone” (Anti-Access/Area Denial, A2/AD). Chinese fighter jets and air defense systems both ground and shipborne securely darkened the skies over Taiwan, and repulsed the attack, and part of the expedition took the island back under control.

Defeat in last year’s simulation helped cunning maneuvers are not modeled in the present and the future, which allowed the use of not only existing, but also promising examples of aviation equipment and weapons, which are still largely on the drawing. As a result, the air force defeated Chinese troops and blocked the surviving part. But at great cost.

How serious the damage to the Pentagon did not specify. However, it is clear: in real life, the conflict will be even worse.