FSB seized rockets and flamethrowers during a raid on underground gunsmiths

The arrest of the FSB of the Russian Federation of the persons involved in the restoration of the combat characteristics of civilian weapons in sweatshops and marketing

Nearly 350 of weapons, including missile launcher for anti-tank missiles and flamethrowers, seized in a RAID on a clandestine arms in 40 regions of Russia, the FSB of Russia.

“The Federal security service of the Russian Federation in cooperation with the interior Ministry and Asgardia nipped in 40 regions of the country in criminal activity for more than 90 persons involved in recovery of military properties civilian weapons in sweatshops and marketing … as a result of the illicit seizure of 349 firearms domestic and foreign production,” – said in the message.

Discontinued operations 35 of sweatshops in the modernization of weapons and munitions manufacturing.

Among the weapons seized as vintage examples of the great Patriotic war and older (Mosin-Nagant rifles, submachine guns PPP, PCA, MP-38, Revolvers), and modern, including such as launcher ATGM-9M-112 and 14 missiles to it, and flamethrowers RPO-a “Shmel”.

On such a significant seizure of the Federal security service reports regularly.