Biography of Kwasi Kvarteng

The official residence of British Prime Ministers in Downing street, 10. Archive photo

British politician Michael Kwarteng (Kwasi Kwarteng) was born may 26, 1975 in London. His parents emigrated from Ghana to the UK students in the 1960-ies.

He graduated from Eton College. He studied classics and history at Trinity College, Cambridge. Receiving a scholarship Kennedy graduated from Harvard University in the United States. In 2000 he received his doctorate in economic history from Cambridge University.

He started his career as a journalist, wrote columns for the Daily Telegraph. Worked as a financial analyst at JP Morgan.

In 2005, Michael Kwarteng first ran for Parliament constituency of Brent East, but took third place.

From 2005 to 2006, he headed one of the oldest analytical centres in the UK, the Bow Group.

In 2008, he was included in the list of the conservatives in the elections to the London Assembly, but failed (tori has managed to ensure only three places, and he was the sixth).

In 2010 he was elected to Parliament from the County of Spelthorne (Surrey).

From 2010 to 2013 was a member of the special Committee on transport, in 2013-2014, the special Committee on work and pensions, in 2016-2017, the Committee on public accounts.

In 2015 he was parliamentary private Secretary to the leader of the house of lords, in 2017 became the parliamentary private Secretary to the Chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond.

In November 2018, Michael Kwarteng he was the parliamentary assistant to the Minister for exiting the EU.

In July 2019 the formation of the government, Boris Johnson was appointed as a Junior Minister for enterprise and energy.

8 January 2021 was appointed Minister of business, energy and industrial strategy.

September 6, 2022, the Michael Kwarteng was appointed Chancellor of the exchequer (Finance Minister) of the UK government Liz Runs.

Became the first in the history of UK black Chancellor of the exchequer.

Kwarteng Michael is the author of several books, including “Ghosts of the Empire”, “War and gold” and “the Trial of Thatcher”.