Hungary announced the imminent collapse of the energy policy of Western Europe

Hungarian Foreign Minister Szijjarto: Western Europe’s energy policy is heading for collapse

Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations Peter Szijjarto said that the energy policy of some Western European countries is heading for collapse “at the speed of an asteroid.” This is reported by RIA Novosti.

“All these statements, all this fraud, which continued on the part of Western Europe on the issue of energy supply, simply do not work at all with the approach of winter,” the Foreign Minister said.

Szijjarto believes that sooner or later, when problems with heating begin in Europe, the veil on energy issues will “fall off” from the eyes of the European population.

The minister also said that European countries will not be able to ensure energy security without Russian sources. “We are not even ready to discuss any sanctions in the energy sector… And, leaving out the brackets, there are a lot of those who are also interested in this, not only we do not want to conduct these negotiations,” he said.

Earlier, the German and Danish authorities said that the previously planned Bornholm Energy Island project could help Europe partially replace gas from Russia. We are talking about a wind energy complex in the Baltic Sea, which will generate more than three gigawatts of energy per day and provide 4.1 million households with it.