Russians listed kidney-killing habits

Therapist Tatiana Romanenko: untimely dental treatment can harm the kidneys, the use of painkillers and salt can seriously disrupt the functioning of the kidneys, said therapist Tatiana Romanenko.

In an interview with “Moscow 24”, she listed these and other habits that Russians should get rid of in order to avoid health problems.

Among the habits that kill the kidneys, the specialist called, first of all, a disregard for health in general. According to her, even untimely dental treatment and non-compliance with doctor’s recommendations in the treatment of angina can harm this organ. Also, the state of kidney health is affected by ignoring diseases of the genitourinary system, in particular prostatitis, inflammation of the appendages and bladder, Romanenko continued.

“In the morning the man was healthy, and by the evening he was choking on blood”As a dangerous virus has killed more people than two world wars on October 6, 2020, after the therapist noted, kidney dysfunction can be triggered by uncontrolled use of painkillers, analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

“Their frequent use can lead to the development of nephropathy, to impaired kidney function. Unfortunately, this happens very often, but people don’t pay attention to it,” Romanenko said.

In conclusion, the specialist added that the abuse of table salt also increases the load on the kidneys. Salty food leads to an increase in blood pressure, over time, chronic hypertension can develop, which without treatment can give complications to the kidneys.

Earlier, pediatrician Violetta Burdakova told the Russians about the rules of the drinking regime in the heat. She explained that it is better to drink a little, but often, than in large portions.