82-year-old former Vogue model complained about aging because of the color of her teeth

82-year-old former Vogue model Sandra Howard complained about aging due to yellow teeth, the former Vogue model and English writer Sandra Howard complained about aging.

The corresponding material is cited by the Daily Mail.

According to 82-year-old Howard, it is still difficult for her to come to terms with her age. The woman said that one day her granddaughter asked a question about the color of her teeth, namely, why they are yellow. Since then, when the model gathers with friends of her age at festive dinners, they call each other “golden oldies”.

In addition, in an interview with the publication, the ex-model admitted that the reflection in the mirror reminds her that she is no longer the young girl who was once showered with compliments. “When I was 14 years old, my father and I went to Singapore on a warship. Then one of the sailors handed me a note in which it was written in large letters that I was beautiful,” Howard said.

Sarah Jessica Parker is considered a style icon.Why did she refuse to fight old age?On June 25, 2022, in addition, the woman remembered how at the age of 18 she studied at the Lucy Clayton modeling agency and was invited to a Vogue magazine photo shoot to replace a sick mannequin.

The shooting was conducted by the famous fashion photographer Norman Parkinson. After that, Howard was offered to become a permanent heroine of the glossy covers. “I was constantly showered with compliments, photographers said: “You’re amazing, doll”, “Those cheekbones”, “You’re great!”,” the heroine of the material shared her memories.

Earlier in August, another former model Paulina Porizkova showed a face without Photoshop and also complained about aging. In the posted photo, the 57-year-old model is captured in close-up with a minimum amount of makeup and without retouching. In the description, she admitted that she regularly receives compliments about her appearance, but does not feel young at her age.