VKontakte has introduced a new personal profile design

A personal profile in VKontakte can be given an identity thanks to the design of the social network VKontakte has introduced another part of the global update — a new design of a personal profile.

The fact that it provides ample opportunities for self-expression and simplifies the exchange of information among users, it became known from the press release of the social network.

According to the CEO of VKontakte Marina Krasnova, the new profile focuses on individuality, it will be easy to demonstrate your hobbies and hobbies, share creativity. Social network tools, including vmoji avatars, will also help to create a comfortable virtual space for communication and self-expression.

“All the changes are due to the demand for high—speed communication, the desire of users to quickly immerse themselves in the main thing, so the new design includes simplicity, ease of interfaces, as well as instant access to publishing and viewing a variety of content formats,” Krasnova said.

It is clarified that profile management will become simpler and more intuitive, basic information about the account owner, contacts and a detailed description will remain in the foreground. At the same time, users will be able to add mini-applications with services for subscribers. So, for example, an illustrator will be able to offer his audience a service for quickly ordering T-shirts with his prints.

In addition, it will be possible to give the profile uniqueness and individuality with the help of photo design, such options are limitless and depend on the user’s desire. The authors will also receive a quick access button to create publications of a wide variety of forms — from a standard record or story to a video or broadcast. It is noted that fresh and up-to-date content will automatically be displayed in the most prominent place.

Earlier it was reported that VKontakte has launched a new technology — instant automatic translation of text in chats into different languages.