It became known about the plans of Brahmos to supply missiles to the Russian army

Maksichev, co-director of Brahmos, said that the company is ready to supply missiles to the Russian-Indian company Brahmos has planned to supply missiles to the Armed Forces of Russia.

This was stated to RIA Novosti by Alexander Maksichev, co-director of the Brahmos company from the Russian side.

Maksichev spoke about the company’s readiness to fulfill such an order. “In today’s conditions, Brahmos missiles would be very useful to the Russian army,” the representative of the enterprise stressed.

It also became known that deliveries of Russian supersonic Brahmos missiles to the Philippines will begin in 2023. “These will be missiles for coastal defense, a coastal missile system,” the representative of the company said. The transaction value was $375 million.

In early August, it was reported that a new version of the Brahmos rocket could receive the capabilities of the Zircon hypersonic missile. The rocket will be produced only for India and Russia.