It became known about the military strategy developed in the United States for Ukraine

CNN: US special forces have developed a strategy for the Ukrainian Armyukraine uses a military strategy developed by US special operations forces to confront the vastly superior forces of the Russian army.

This became known to CNN.

According to the channel, the operational concept of resistance (Resistance Operating Concept, ROC) was developed in 2013. It was based on the actions of Russian troops during the operation “to force Georgia to peace” in August 2008, but in 2014, after the reunification of Crimea with Russia, it was decided to rework it.

Then the United States began to develop a total defense plan, which would involve not only the military, but also the civilian population, CNN notes. The doctrine offers an innovative and unconventional approach to the conduct of war, which provides for the active participation of sabotage units, said retired Lieutenant General Mark Schwartz, ex-commander of Special Operations Forces in Europe.

A special role in the ROC is given to the information campaign. So, the population is told about various methods of resistance, from boycotting mass events and ridiculing the enemy to laying out instructions for making Molotov cocktails and ways to covertly damage equipment.

According to Nicole Kirschmann, spokeswoman for the Special Operations Command in Europe, since the creation of the resistance doctrine, at least 15 countries have participated in some form of training in its methods.